May 11 th. Charleston … Here we come!

First things first. Trevor went to the barber. Then we took Winston to Big Red’s Bed n’ Biscuit. Winston loves it so much he ran in without a goodbye. Off to get the rental car so we could all ride together( one of the changes since Benton) Rented a van. Who knows it might be in the younger Cakes future. Very comfy and fit all of Benton’s stuff. He’s such a heavy packer. Ha.

The first stop was The Boone Plantation. A long dirt driveway with trees on each side greeted you upon entrance. Spectacular. Gorgeous, giant trees. Moss hanging from the branches. Horses behind a fenced pasture. And a beautiful home at the end. What beauty but this place housed such sorrow. The slaves lives were very hard. It impacted me even more seeing the enormous fields and feeling the heat. Oh how the humidity must have been brutal working long hours in the fields. We got out of the van and I immediately had to snuggle with Benton. He rewarded me with a blow out diaper fail. Yikes. Caught the problem before I required a change. The plantation was setting up for a wedding we wanted to crash. We walked around the slave quarters and the butterfly enclosure. We took a wagon ride around the entire plantation. A tour of the house also. Oh I forgot to mention some of the scenes from the movie “The Notebook”, were filmed there. After the plantation we checked into our Airbnb and then headed downtown Charleston for dinner. We went to the Hyman where many famous people have eaten. At each table they have brass plates with the name of whom sat there. Best hush puppies ever. Last, but not least we almost crashed the wedding party. The only way back out was through their cocktail hour centered on the lovely road( dirt) and gorgeous trees. That was interesting parting the sea of wedding goers.


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